Convert PDF to Word, JPG to Word and much more

Some key benefits of using OCR Terminal include

Searchable results – search through a long document easily
Editable results – eliminate the mundane task of retyping the entire document by giving you the digitized copy
Convenient – OCR Terminal is the one-stop service that supports JPEG, GIF, BMP, multi-page TIFF and PDF formats and converts them to DOC, TXT, RTF and searchable PDF formats according to your requirement
Save money – pay just for what you use only after you are satisfied with the accuracy and speed
Save time – does not require the installation of any software and delivers results within minutes
Accessible anywhere – completely online OCR service – all you need is an internet connection
Accurate Recognition – Format and layout preserved; Completely Online OCR – no installation; Instant results – save time
Input formats include PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG and more
OCR Terminal accepts a number of input file formats including

PDF files: All types of PDF files including multi-page PDFs
TIFF files: Black and white, grey and full colour supported. Compressed TIFFs and multipage TIFFs supported
JPEG, JPEG 2000 Grey and colour JPEGs supported
Other image formatsBlack and white, grey and colour BMPs, PNGs and GIFs supported
Convert PDF to Word

Output in Microsoft Word, searchable PDF and more
Microsoft Word All formatting and page layout accurately preserved
RTF filesAll formatting and page layout accurately preserved – for users who don’t have Microsoft Word. RTF files can be opened by ‘Pages’ or ‘TextEdit’ on Macs, Open Office on any Operating Systems.
TXT files Just the text information – can be opened by any text editor – Notepad, TextEdit and others
PDF Makes PDFs searchable – output PDFs are identical by sight to the original uploaded file but are made text-searchable
If you have specific requirements such as XLS/CSV output or XML output, please contact us .